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【露营 Eco Camp】香港煎鱼湾营地-在最好位置看大屿山夕阳







In march, when everything comes back to life, do you want to experience the outdoor camping life on weekends?

Together side by side, over the mountains

Cook a meal together over a fire and sip hot tea

Singing and dancing together, talking and laughing

Enjoy the darkness and tell stories together

The sky was bright and the night was warm



Situated at the South-West end of Hong Kong, it lies upland. From there, one can take in the magnificent view of Lantau Channel at dusk.


Kai Yet Kok - It is also called Kai Shan or "peaked hill". This small island, with a protruding south arm and a low north part, look like a chicken wing - and the words Kai Yet in fact mean "chicken wing".

Fan Lau Sai Wan - It is about 500 metres south of Tsin Yue Wan. It has clear water, fine sand and solitude. Hills, seas and sky complete the scene.



Facilities:Barbeque pits, benches, drains and cloth lines, 8 campsites.


Accessibility: Strenuous; suitable for experienced hikers and campers



 Scenic spots nearby:Fan Lau Country Trail, Lantau Trail - Stage 7 & Stage 8

【重要提示Important note】:由于营地周边没有便利店或是超市,在此露营需携带足够的食物供当天晚上及第二天早上食用。若条件允许,可在东涌地铁站购买食材。请携带上锅具和碗筷,由于营地没有水源供给,在此露营需携带充足的饮用水。


Important note: since there is no convenience store or supermarket around the campsite, please bring enough food for the night and the next morning.Food items can be purchased at tung chung MTR station if conditions permit.Please bring POTS and pans,since the campsite has no water supply, we need to bring plenty of drinking water.

This route belongs to the phenomenon of slightly difficult and possible to get lost, welcome any friend who loves adventure and hiking to take part in


  【What to Bring 必备物品】 


Bring Glove, durable used bag as rubbish bag, reusable cup and cutlery and bowls .Tents,Sleeping bag or blanket,backpacks,Raincoat/umbrella, Flashlight/headlamp, warm cloth(must),personal needs,one liter of water, snacks for lunch, Hiking Shoes, good spirits.



We will bring snack and fruits, dinner and next day breakfast will be cooked at the campsite, Make sure you bring the food to the camp in advance.(Team leaders will discuss with everyone to decide what to buy)


【帐篷租借 Tent to rent】


If you need to rent a tent, please tell your team captain( tent 50rmb for 2 days , include anti-damp matt). Please pickup by yourself, or pay 20RMB for delivery to the meeting point


【洗漱 Wash&Shower】


Campsite nearby has toilet ,but without shower place


【活动主题 Purpose of the Event】

大自然很多的垃圾是因为我们在享受大自然的同时,没有带走自己的垃圾。所以绿脚丫邀请各位来体验一次不一样的出行。在整个过程里,我们尽量减少制造垃圾的机会(带上自己的餐具,环保购物袋),带走我们制造的垃圾,尝试一次少废弃的环保出行 。我们将分成小组,看哪个小组制造的垃圾最少

There are more and more rubbish in our beautiful nature, because when we enjoy the nature, we forgot to take our own rubbish. So this trip, we invite everyone to experience an environment trip, produce less plastic rubbish(bring your own tableware, shopping bags), take away our own rubbish, let's try how to camp in an ECO way! We will have teams, let's see which team produce the least rubbish on the trip!

【集合时间地点Meeting Time&Place】

2019-03-16 11:00am @  香港东涌站A出口 Exit A of Tung Chung MTR station



Shenzhen to Tung Chung metro station,take Bus 11 from Tung Chung Town or Bus 1 from Mui Wo towards Tai O. Get down at Shek Pik Reservoir's west station. Go backwards up the Stage 7 and Stage 8 of Lantau Trail to Tai O for about 2 hours.


【 行程 Itenerary 】预计行程及时间可能会有变动 Schedule and is expected to time there may be changes

1、11:00 签到集合

     Gather together to get on bus

2、11:00-14:30 坐公交,边爬山边捡垃圾到营地

    Take bus, then hike & pick up trash around 2 hours to the campsite.

3、14:30-15:30 到达营地,开始选合适地方扎营

      arrive at the compsite, set up the tent

4、15:30-17:00 附近欣赏美景

     Visit scenic spots nearby

5、17:00-20:00 做饭和晚餐

      Cook dinner and eat

6、20:00-22:00 集体活动,表演和游戏

      Team performance and game

7、22:00-24:00 谈心聊天

      Social Time 


第二天 Day2 


     wake up and have breakfast

2,10:00-12:00 收拾营地

    Clean up the campsite

3,12:00-13:00 午餐

     Lunch time

4,  13:00-15:00 徒步2小时下山

     Walk around 2 hours go downhill

5,After 15:00 返程

     Back home

【活动费用 Fees】



费用包含个人意外险10万元,路线探索,活动策划,第一急救包,安全督导, 公共物资等费用。



65RMB/person (sign up before 11pm 14th Mar Thursday)

80RMB/person (sign up after 11pm 14th Mar Thursday)  

Fees includes the outdoor insurance(100K RMB), route development, Management and First Aid. 

Refund policy:Fee not refund 24 hours before the event. (Refund please contact with wechat:Lanlan878279)




【To Sign Up 报名方式】

Click the green button on top of the page to sign up and scan below QR code to enter a temporary wechat group, please choose your team, the team captain will discuss with everyone about tent, food arrangement. 



【志愿者招募 Volunteers Needed】

If you wanna be our Team captain, Photographer, Writer,  please contact our event leader Landy by wechat: Lanlan878279



Reward: Free event fee, Captain will get 20 green points, Photographer and Writer will get green points accordingly



Team Captain: Gather Team, Food purchase, Tent arrangment, Team Finance

Leaders will be exempted event cost and be rewarded with 20 green points 


Photographer: Shoot group photo, team photo and every member's photo


Writer: the whole camping including each team and combine with your own experience.


【报名须知 Reminder】

1, 若报名交费不满20人,绿脚丫环保组织会在活动出发前1天发出取消活动信息给到已报名的伙伴,活动费全额退还。

If participants who pay the fee less than 20, Green Foot will cancel the event and will inform the signed-up participants one day in advance. All the fee will be returned if the event cancelled.


If the event can't accomplish because of force majeures(Including but not limited to natural disaster,wars,terrorist activities,turmoils,striking,public health emergencies,state actions and so on), the fee that participants already paid will be all returned if no cost happens of the event.  If the cost of the event already happens, Green Foot will return the rest of the fee after cutting the necessary part that cannot be returned which pay for local agencies or event assistants.


The ones who signed up accept the above terms!

【Declaimer 免责申明】

This is not a professionally guided tour. Hiking endures many risks. Green Foot will not be held liable, both legally and medically, for any harm that occures from our activities. We encourage everyone to hike within their limits. 




广州蓝天救援 020-61136119


报警电话 110

急救电话 120

【绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Brief Introduction】

绿脚丫是一个国际环保社交平台,希望通过一系列的活动:户外捡垃圾,环保露营,旧物新生,变废为宝,演讲讨论等大家喜闻乐见的模式,在生活和娱乐中践行环保的理念。 通过一个绿币激励系统来鼓励做环保的行为。通过你的环保行为获得的积分可以在我们的绿色商城里面消费,共同创造共赢的环保生态圈!

Green Foot is an International Environment Care Community that connect and influence people with environment awareness through activities such as: Hiking & Trash Cleanups, Eco Camp, Second Hand Sharing, Public Speaking Events, Waste DIY. We have created an incentive system to encourage people to take actions to protect the environment by rewarding them with green points. Let’s work together towards our common goal! 

【绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit】

 Living the Green Foot spirit - 活出绿脚丫精神

v 去时比来时更干净

Its cleaner when you leave.

v 钱是自己的,资源是大家的

Money is yours, resources are ours.

v 不让一个人落单

Nobody stands alone.

v 带上笑容,敞开心扉

Bring your smile and open heart.

【精神Spirit】既"识乾坤",也"怜草木"--绿脚丫2018纲领/2018 Plan



【精神Spirit】绿脚丫是什么?What is Green Foot?




World Environment Day Green Foot Clean up Dongxichong


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