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海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲大洋洲欧洲亚洲南美洲
找到一个非常棒的网站,关于海洋第一杀手:水温的知识和案例。 很经典。
Every year, warm air temperatures lure people into taking small boats out onto lethally cold water, where a large number of them capsize or fall in - and drown.  These folks aren't stupid, or intentionally reckless, and many are good swimmers; they simply have the misfortune of falling into a exceptionally lethal and well-camouflaged trap.
Cold water is a predator - fast, powerful and deadly, with unlimited energy and no need for sleep. A predator so perfectly camouflaged that you can stand right next to it and see absolutely nothing dangerous - just a sparkling invitation to get out on the water and have some fun.
The victims are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers - none of whom expected to die when they went out that final time.
Cold water preys on the unsuspecting, the unwary, and the careless, but it also lurks offshore, waiting patiently for those with plenty of experience who don't take it seriously.
冷水是一种夺命者 - 快速,强劲和致命,具有无限的能量,也不需要休息。夺命者如此完美的伪装,你站在它旁边,完全看不到危险 - 只是一个耀眼的引诱,到水面带来一些乐趣。
受害者可能是父亲和儿子,母亲和女儿,公公婆婆 - 当他们出去一次,没有谁预料到死。

3)落水后一小时到几小时,体力开始严重下降, 体温显著下降,自救能力几乎0, 主要靠团队救援和机动船, 失去知觉,生命处于临界点(死活都可能)。 我读了一个案例,居然有人昏迷后,被冲到岸上,救过来了。

皮划艇安全系列之一: 第一杀手-水温
海洋风险评估 -- 皮划艇安全系列之三

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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲大洋洲欧洲亚洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 90%以上的海洋事故是这么发生的: 掉入水中,又不能上岸或上船, 会活一段时间,但根据水温和衣着,速度有快有慢耗尽人的能量,短的一两种头,长的几天,生命就消失了。

能在水里保存能量的时间, 是防止海上事故第一重要因素。
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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲大洋洲欧洲亚洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 http://www.coldwatersafety.org/Rule1.html#rule1Case1


Sheldon Olsen and Jace Olsen
March 17th, 2012 – Lake Limerick, Washington
The warm sun came out on Saturday, but the water was still bitterly cold on Lake Limerick, WA. It was Julie Olsen’s birthday, and her husband Sheldon, 31, wanted to give her a break and let her get some rest, so he took their two year old son Jace for a canoe ride around 5pm. Sheldon had recently finished Optometry school in Portland, OR, and the family had just moved to the area and was living in a home on the lake shore.
Father and son were due back around 6:30pm, less than an hour before sunset, and when they didn’t return by 6:48pm, Julie called the Mason County Sheriff’s office and reported them missing. Sheriff’s deputies and search teams with divers and three boats responded and arrived at the lake after dark. Witnesses at the lake clubhouse reported that they had seen Sheldon and Jace in a canoe as late as 6:13pm, but later spotted the canoe floating empty and apparently called 911.
Although Limerick Lake is a small body of water that covers 129 acres, the search for Sheldon and Jace was greatly complicated by darkness. The canoe, with two life jackets inside, was quickly located, but it wasn’t until 9:20pm that little Jace was found floating face-down in the water. He was not wearing a life jacket.
The search for Sheldon continued without success until 11pm. It was resumed the next morning with 14 divers and boats using sonar gear. The lake has an average depth of only 9 feet, but the water is murky with very poor visibility, and it wasn’t until a week later, as the family was holding a memorial service for Jace, that Sheldon’s body was found.
Case Note:  

A rare sunny day lured an unprepared father and son out onto lethally cold water, where all it took to kill them was a little mistake in balance. The air temperature has no bearing on cold water safety.
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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲大洋洲欧洲亚洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 谢尔登·奥尔森和杰斯·奥尔森
2012年3月17日 - 利默里克湖,华盛顿
温暖的太阳出来了上周六,但利默里克湖水仍然寒冷刺骨,华盛顿州。这是朱莉·奥尔森的生日,而她的丈夫谢尔顿,31岁,想给她休息,让她休息一下,所以我把他们两岁的儿子贾斯 下午5点左右,带上搭乘独木舟。谢尔顿最近完成了眼视光学在波特兰的学业,从俄勒冈和家人刚搬到该地区,并住在一个家在湖岸边。

父亲和儿子是应该下午6:30左右回家,前后不到一个小时将日落,当他们没有由下午6点48分返回,朱莉叫梅森县警长办公室和报失他们。警长和搜索队与三只船和潜水员回应,到达湖边天黑后。目击者在湖会所报告说,他们途径看到了谢尔顿和杰斯在独木舟上,迟至下午6点13分,但后来发现空的独木舟漂浮,显然拨打了911 。


寻找谢尔顿继续进行,没有成功。有14个潜水者和渔船使用声纳,直到晚上11点。 第二天早上恢复。湖中有只有9英尺的平均深度,但水混浊,能见度很差,但直到一个星期后,当家庭是参加杰斯的追悼会,这时Sheldon的尸体才被发现。

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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲大洋洲欧洲亚洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 案例2

2012年7月6日 - 马塔努斯卡湖,阿拉斯加
这是一个相当星期五早上在阿拉斯加,但水由马塔努斯卡冰川源头喂养的湖, 非常严寒。 上午9:00在70岁的迈克尔·弗朗西斯和他的兄弟,55岁的兰迪·弗朗西斯,从终身冒险店租了一个16英尺的独木舟,承包商承包了在国家游憩区营地和独木舟租赁。


该垫苏自治区潜水队和MAT- SAR犬队继续搜索兰迪的尸体,直到它被发现的第二天下午,在35英尺的深度。

这种情况下,提出对承办商租船的疑问:对没有准备沉浸在非常冷的水顾客, 容许用独木舟的行为是否明智。
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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典例 北美洲美国加拿大
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 http://www.coldwatersafety.org/Rule1.html#rule1Case3


2012年3月11日 - 湖圣克莱尔,安大略省,加拿大
这是一个美好的一天在湖边,安大略和空气温度是一个异常温暖60F ( 15C ) 。然而,水温在湖圣克莱尔仍然是一个残酷的35F ( 2C )当艾米瓦格纳, 18 ,和她二十岁的男友决定去一个浪漫的下午独木舟划船。他们甚至还带着吉他与她计划合作音乐节目。艾米,一个高三学生,身着轻弹簧外套,蓝色牛仔裤和跑鞋。她的男友穿着一件长袖T恤。他们都没有穿PFD 。

他们距离岸边400米,坐在并排, 独木舟在6英尺的水(2米深)突然倾覆。他们尝试,但无法板正独木舟,并开始大喊救命。他们知道附近也仅有3英尺( 1米)深沙洲,往此方向游泳。他们开始了数米。她的男友和鼓励领导艾米保持游泳的样子,但是当男友已经达到了沙洲,转过身,发现她走了。她的尸体第二天早上被从附近的格雷文赫斯特的水下搜索和回收队追回, 发现在6英尺深的水中( 1米) 。

人如何严重衰弱, 哪怕在35F部分身体浸入( 2C)的水中,这事故可以是一个见证,事实,艾米的男友爬到沙丘后,臀部深里一路沿着沙洲行走,也失去了双腿的控制和知觉,几乎崩溃。接近终点,据说也失去了他的视觉,不得不按照岸上的人指示和喊叫,来告诉他哪个方向走。

由于冬天变春天,天气异常温暖的空气诱使许多人走出去, 划小船, 但是水温仍然是致命的寒冷。很多人可以游泳, 但被淹死在离岸边就6到10英尺处,原因冷休克和游泳能力散失。
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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典范 美国加拿大
流浪不等寒酸 离线 流浪不等寒酸
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2012年3月11日 - 湖圣克莱尔,安大略省,加拿大
这是一个美好的一天在湖边,安大略和空气温度是一个异常温暖60F ( 15C ) 。然而,水温在湖圣克莱尔仍然是一个残酷的35F ( 2C )当艾米瓦格纳, 18 ,和她二十岁的男友决定去一个浪漫的下午独木舟划船。他们甚至还带着吉他与她计划合作音乐节目。艾米,一个高三学生,身着轻弹簧外套,蓝色牛仔裤和跑鞋。她的男友穿着一件长袖T恤。他们都没有穿PFD 。

他们距离岸边400米,坐在并排, 独木舟在6英尺的水(2米深)突然倾覆。他们尝试,但无法板正独木舟,并开始大喊救命。他们知道附近也仅有3英尺( 1米)深沙洲,往此方向游泳。他们开始了数米。她的男友和鼓励领导艾米保持游泳的样子,但是当男友已经达到了沙洲,转过身,发现她走了。她的尸体第二天早上被从附近的格雷文赫斯特的水下搜索和回收队追回, 发现在6英尺深的水中( 1米) 。

人如何严重衰弱, 哪怕在35F部分身体浸入( 2C)的水中,这事故可以是一个见证,事实,艾米的男友爬到沙丘后,臀部深里一路沿着沙洲行走,也失去了双腿的控制和知觉,几乎崩溃。接近终点,据说也失去了他的视觉,不得不按照岸上的人指示和喊叫,来告诉他哪个方向走。

由于冬天变春天,天气异常温暖的空气诱使许多人走出去, 划小船, 但是水温仍然是致命的寒冷。很多人可以游泳, 但被淹死在离岸边就6到10英尺处,原因冷休克和游泳能力散失。



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海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典范 美国加拿大
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 案例4

2012年2月10日 - 湖庞多雷,爱达荷
即使是隆冬在爱达荷州,佩恩是不会特别在意在水面上失温保护。 15年的划艇,他从来没有经历过意外翻船。此外,他的理由是,他没有“远走划船”,这将是没有什么危险的一个小测试。在他写的海上皮艇杂志(2010年12月)安全的文章中,佩恩说:“我在一个避风码头的水的翻船入水可能性是如此遥远,我绝对没有想到。”



浸泡突如其来的打击, 惊呆了他,但他能够勉强呼吸,而在水中,因为他的衣服和舒适合身的PFD短暂的延迟,相结合的冷冻水接触他的皮肤。他试图最快和最明智的路线取得安全 - 回到船码头- 但没有奏效,因为它太高,他的浸泡湿衣服的重量,把他往下拽。他多次尖叫救命,但均无人接听。这是一个寒冷,灰色,大风天码头,也没有人看见他翻船或目睹他挣扎着爬回到了码头。

佩恩觉得他没有多少时间了,所以他开始拼命地游在30码外无冰岸堤墙。因为严寒和他难控制自己的呼吸,最好的泳式,他可以​​用是缓慢而非常低效的狗刨,从而保持他的身体几乎垂直于水面,也削弱了他的前进速度,以每两秒钟约1英尺。在这样的速度,花了大约3分钟后,他到达了防波堤。 “气喘吁吁与冷抽搐”,他终于达到安全地方。

过去成功经验和熟悉往往滋生自满情绪,一种心态,使得它很容易作出一个近乎致命的决定, 在无保护的冷冻水中划艇。没有做最坏的准备。

清华工程本科毕业生,海洋舟和漂流中国首席安全推手, 荒野皮划艇探险高级摄影师, 华人皮划艇荒野探险首席领队

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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典范 美国加拿大
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 案例5

2010年3月28日 - 密苏里州斯普林菲尔德湖


当他们赶到,发现了威廉姆斯,他们勇敢地穿上救生衣,涉水通过45到50f 度7-10c的水,无潜水衣或干衣DRYSUITS的保护,并把他拉回岸边。到了那个时候,他已经没有脉搏,没有呼吸,并已在水中约10分钟。消防队员开始心肺复苏术,并运送威廉姆斯CoxSouth医院的救护车,在那里努力救活他,都没有成功。


清华工程本科毕业生,海洋舟和漂流中国首席安全推手, 荒野皮划艇探险高级摄影师, 华人皮划艇荒野探险首席领队

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Re: 海上运动安全-冷面杀手-水温-典范 美国加拿大
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 案例6

2010年3月27日 - 斯托克顿湖,密苏里州
这是一个温暖的春日,当布赖恩·基斯决定把他8岁的儿子拿带上一个他的14英尺摩托艇,在斯托克顿湖,但水的温度接近冰点。波对水体的高度,波高由风的强度,可对其吹送的距离(称为“提取”)和时间,"提取"吹出的长度来确定。斯托克顿湖是特殊大叉形体,两个臂膀有大约15英里公开水域,足够多的距离,如果风吹向一定的方向,会制造非常恶劣的条件。事故的早晨,天气据说平静。当暴风雨来过,很突然变的更糟,水淹没了小船。布赖恩和Nathan没有穿着干湿衣,朋友和家庭成员的惊哦,没穿是穿着PFD,虽然在船上有两个。当他们未能及时返回,搜索寻找他们的踪影,只恢复两个个人漂浮装置救生衣,被发现漂浮在水面上。据新闻报道,花了几周时间尸体才浮出水面。悲剧发生之后,家庭成员成立了布莱恩和弥敦道基斯水上安全基金教育组织,第一年筹得$ 25,000,并列出活动清单,以保持两个活着的记忆。其中最主要的是:提高对使用救生衣,体温过低的危险,教育小船可以在水中像斯托克顿湖有风的面对的危险问题。
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 前面六个例子引出第一个安全原则:



一个救生衣大大减少你突然溺水的机会,由于冷休克和游泳故障。除了少数例外,冷休克导致人们立刻失去呼吸和控制能力。因此,尽管他们可以游泳,许多人突然淹死 。

如果冷休克导致一个人嘴张开,而他们的嘴一旦浸入冷水中,溺水能瞬间发生。这种现象曾经被称为“突然消失综合症”,如果你穿着救生衣正确固定, 它是特别避免突然你不消失,沉入水底。

溺水也可能发生在因吸入水或游泳故障波浪飞溅, 而产生的前几分钟冷休克。如果你不穿PFD,如你也不能游泳或踩水, 你会马上淹死。”
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 Case 7

Irina McEntee and Carissa Ireland
May 16th, 2010 - Casco Bay, Maine
The water was calm and the weather was gorgeous and unseasonably warm when two young women, Irina McEntee, 18, and her best friend Carissa Ireland, 20, launched their kayaks for a short, round-trip paddle between Peaks Island and Ram Island in Casco Bay, Maine – a trip that Irena had made many times before. Irena’s parents actually had a view of the paddling route from their house on Peaks Island and saw both girls land safely.
Ram Island is only a mile across the water from Peaks, but the location is exposed - to the East, South, and Southeast, there's nothing but open ocean, and neither Irena’s parents nor the girls were aware that the National Weather Service had issued a Small Craft Advisory for that afternoon.
When they attempted to paddle home, the weather had changed and the wind was blowing out of the north and gusting to 22mph. That may not sound like much on land, but out on the open water it’s another story, particularly for small human-powered boats like kayaks.
Unable to make headway against the wind, Irena and Carissa were blown out to sea and into much rougher conditions where, dressed only in shorts and light shirts, they capsized in brutally cold 48F (9C) water.
When the girls failed to return home on schedule, Irena’s parents could look out the window and see much rougher conditions had become - and that there were no kayaks in sight. By then it was 2.5 hours before sunset. Heartsick with worry, they called the Coast Guard, which responded by promptly dispatching the 207-foot US Coast Guard cutter Campbell, launching a Jayhawk helicopter and Falcon jet from Air Station Cape Cod, sending out an emergency broadcast on Channel 16, and contacting their “local partners” - civilians with SAR capabilities in the Casco Bay area - setting in motion what was to become a massive search operation.

HH-60 Jayhawk Medium Range Helicopter – US Coast Guard
As any pilot can attest, it's not easy to spot small objects from the air. At best, a person wearing a PFD will have only their head and upper shoulders exposed - not an easy target, even when the light is favorable and the water flat calm. The same goes for twelve foot blue-green kayaks.
When the sun set at 8;00 p.m., searchers were left with roughly 90 minutes of gradually diminishing twilight before darkness fell. Nevertheless, by 8:30 p.m., both kayaks had been located, floating in the open ocean roughly seven miles South of Ram Island, and about a mile SSE of Cape Elizabeth. One kayak was upright and contained a jacket and T-shirt; the other was upside-down. Irena and Carissa were nowhere in sight.

Map of Casco Bay
Search teams on the ground had initially concentrated their efforts on Ram and nearby Cushing Island, but found no sign of the missing women. With the discovery of the kayaks, the ground search moved South to probable landing areas on Richmond Island and Cape Elizabeth. When twilight faded into night, searchers began using aerial flares for illumination.
After a grueling all-night search involving the U.S. Coast Guard, multiple local agencies, and more than 150 people, they were found by the Coast Guard at 9:00 am the following morning, floating lifeless in their PFD’s, three miles offshore and seven miles south of their original destination.

Case Note:  

Even strong and experienced paddlers can be overwhelmed by the wind, which is why they pay particular attention to Marine Weather Forecasts. This information is broadcast by the National Weather Service and you can access it with an inexpensive weather radio – the kind you find at Radio Shack. Information is also available online.
Inexpensive, reliable, waterproof cases that are available for cell phones allow you to operate the phone without removing it from the case. You can program your phone with the number of the closest Coast Guard sector.
High quality, waterproof, hand-held VHF radios can be purchased for under $150. The US Coast Guard continuously monitors emergency Channel 16 (the one you’d use on your VHF radio to call for help) as do many commercial and private boats. Most VHF radios also have an automatic weather alert feature that activates whenever an adverse weather broadcast is detected.
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 伊琳娜McEntee和爱尔兰卡里萨
2010年5月16日 - 卡斯科湾,缅因
水很平静,天气是华丽和异常温暖。 当两名年轻妇女,伊琳娜McEntee , 18 ,和她最好的朋友的Carissa爱尔兰, 20 ,推出了他们的皮艇,做很短的旅程,往返卡斯科湾里的峰岛和拉姆岛,缅因 - 。伊雷娜以往曾走过很多次。伊雷娜的父母其实可以从他们峰岛的家,看到划行全程景色,他们也看到两个女孩安全着陆。

拉姆岛是在水面只有一英里从远,但位置暴露 - 东,南,东南亚,除开放的海洋其他什么都没有,但,既不伊雷娜的父母,也不是女孩们意识到,那个下午国家气象局已经发出小艇警报。


无法取得顶风进展, 伊雷娜及卡里萨反而被吹出海,进入更坏的条件下,她们只穿着短裤和衬衫轻穿着,他们在翻船惨遭遇冷48F ( 9C )的水。

当女孩没有按时回家,伊雷娜的父母看窗外,看到已成为 更凶险的状况- 没发现皮艇。到那时,已是夕阳2.5小时前。悲痛与忧虑,他们叫了美海岸警卫队,207英尺长的快艇坎贝尔,并并从科德角空军基地出动了Jayhawk的直升机,向外发送信道16紧急广播,并联系“当地卡斯科湾地区其他平民救援队” ,并成为一个巨大的搜索营救行动。

HH- 60直升机Jayhawk的中期 - 美国海岸防卫队

因为任何飞行员都可以证明,这是不容易被发现从空气中的小物件。充其量,一个人穿着PFD只会有他们的头和裸露的肩膀上 - 不是一个容易的目标,即使在光线为正,平水平静。这同样适用于蓝绿十二英尺皮艇。

当太阳落山为8 00点,搜索者只剩下逐步递减黄昏前夜色降临大约的90分钟时间。然而, 8:30 PM,两皮艇发现,漂浮在开放的海洋南拉姆岛大约七年英里,伊丽莎白角的一英里原附近。一个皮艇是正位置,里边有外套和T恤,另一个是上下颠倒。伊雷娜和卡里萨人没下落。



一个艰苦的通宵搜索涉及美国海岸警备队,当地多个机构,超过150人,她们尸体被发现,由海岸警卫队上午9:00次日早晨,在她们穿着PFD, 三英里离陆地, 七英里原目的地以南。

即使是强大的和有经验的桨手可以由风陷入困境,这就是为什么他们要特别注意海洋天气预报。此信息由国家气象局的广播,你可以用一个廉价的无线电气象 收音机。信息也可在网上。

价格低廉,质量可靠,防水套可用于该手机, 允许你操作手机无需从箱中取出。您可以设定您的手机包含最接近的海巡部门的电话号码。

高品质,防水,手持式甚高频无线电就可以150美元以下买到。美国海岸防卫队紧急持续监控通道16像许多商业和私人船只(你会使用你的甚高频无线电呼救的那一个) 。每当检测到恶劣天气广播, 甚高频对讲机还具有自动激活天气警报功能。
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
15tsunami 离线 15tsunami 非常棒的科普知识!谢谢LZ,希望这个能救一些生命。


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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
秋之水 离线 秋之水 这个月在南太平洋体会到了窒息的恐惧。毫无准备突然而来的一股冷水令我无法正常呼吸。所以,骤冷, 是很可怕的一件事情。陌生的水域一定不能掉以轻心。
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北 ...
叶真 离线 叶真 谢谢,真是有心了!
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
向工 离线 向工 好!!
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 第八案例:


Michael and Daniel Madders
August 23, 2009 Loch Maree, Scotland

Wearing fluorescent PFD’s, Dr Michael Madders, 52, a well-known and highly respected ornithologist, and his son, Daniel, 7, set out around noon on Sunday from Tollie Bay for a short, 20 minute canoe trip on Loch Maree, a remote loch in the Scottish Highlands.
At twelve-and-a-half-miles long by two-and-a-half miles wide, with a surface area of 11 miles, Loch Maree is the fourth largest freshwater loch in Scotland and the largest north of Loch Ness. The water there is very cold year-round, and area residents were quoted as saying that conditions on the lake were notoriously changeable and had been particularly poor that afternoon, with driving rain and waves that could easily overwhelm a small vessel such as a canoe.
Tollie Bay is a short distance from the village of Poolewe where Dr. Madders had lived for the last few years with Daniel’s mother, Christine Cain, and when the pair didn’t return home on time, she went down to the loch to look for them and found their overturned canoe on the shore around 4:30 p.m.
The Stornoway coastguard rescue helicopter was scrambled shortly afterwards and located the missing pair by 5:30pm. Although reports indicated that both father and son were alive when found, they were pronounced dead when they arrived at the Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway after being airlifted across The Minch to the Outer Hebrides. Christine was left with the heartbreaking task of identifying their bodies.
Nick Thompson, manager of the Loch Maree hotel, was quoted as saying "I warned off three other kayakers on Sunday – the waves were 3ft high. It was dangerous conditions, there were white caps everywhere. A lot of people just don't know the loch. It can change quickly and become very treacherous suddenly." He also noted that a father and daughter had been lucky to escape with their lives three weeks earlier when their canoe capsized. Fortunately they had been able to swim to the shore.

Case Note:  

Canoes are notorious for being very difficult or impossible to handle in strong winds. The most likely scenario is that a sudden weather change caught Dr. Madders and his son out on the loch. The high wind would have made it impossible for them to return to shore, and large waves would have filled the canoe with water or otherwise caused it to capsize. Wearing PFDs wasn’t enough. In those conditions they needed thermal protection to survive.
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 穿着荧光PFD的,博士迈克尔Madders , 52 ,某知名和备受推崇的鸟类学家,和他的儿子,丹尼尔, 7 ,周日中午左右从在内陆大湖MAREE的Tollie湾 ,设置了路程短, 20分钟独木舟之旅。 MAREE湖位于苏格兰高地。

在12 1/2 英里长,2 1/2英里宽, 11英里的表面积,湖MAREE是第四大淡水湖泊,在苏格兰和尼斯湖以北最大的一个。水全年非常冷,当地居民的话说那是湖上条件已经出了名的多变和恶劣,尤其是午后,随着瓢泼的大雨和湖浪,可以很容易颠覆小容器:如独木舟。

Tollie湾是离Poolewe不远的地方,Poolewe是 Madders博士过去的几年中与丹尼尔的母亲曾经生活地方,丹尼尔的母亲克里斯蒂娜,发现他们没有按时回家,她就下到湖边找他们, 下午4:30左右在岸边找到了他们的掀翻的独木舟。

不久之后斯托诺韦海岸警卫队的救援直升机来到,下午5:30时找到了俩人。虽然指示的报告说,发现他们时,父亲和儿子都是活着,在斯托诺韦跨越的门奇被空运到外赫布里底群岛之后, 西部群岛医院宣告他们死亡。母亲只留下了令人心碎的识别他们尸体任务。

尼克·汤普森,尼斯湖MAREE酒店的经理,被引述说: “在周日我警告过其他三个皮划艇运动员 - 大浪3英尺高那是危险的条件,有白头浪随处可见,很多人只是不知道。该湖。它能快速突然成为恶劣状况“ 。我还注意到,前三周时一个父亲和女儿被幸运地逃脱灾难,他们的独木舟倾覆。幸好他们能游到岸边。


独木舟在非常困难或不可能处理的强风时,臭名昭著。最可能的情况是,一个突如其来的天气变化抓到Madders博士和他的儿子划的湖。高风将不可能为他们回到岸上,大波浪加上本来进满水的独木舟或其他原因, 导致其翻船。穿着个人漂浮装置是不够的。在这些条件下,他们需要热保护才能生存。
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 第九案例:

据新闻报道,事件发生在6月7日下午,明尼苏达州当威诺纳州立大学四大学院的学生,在小响沙湾苏必利尔湖,下了他们的皮艇。他们计划在两个英里,公开水域到小沙岛,然后通过相同的路线返回。分别鉴定为兄弟凯文和凯尔Dammen  ,奥斯汀,明尼苏达州的20 ;格兰特Schlicter , 21 ,薇诺娜,明尼苏达州的;霍利和Travis威诺纳,明尼苏达州,19 ,都穿着救生衣。

虽然据报道整个大湖区气温, 在事件发生前几个星期有显着增加,水温仍然是一个残酷的47F(9c), 和国家气象局风的预测发出小艇船用警报, 阵风30英里每小时(6-7级大风)。

当划到2/3 , 4英尺的海浪(一米多)引起的皮艇之一,被水淹没,迫使桨手从船上跳出。其他三个皮划艇手转身帮他,其中一人,凯文Dammen ,弄翻了他的小船, 并湿退出。他穿有救生衣,泳裤和一件T恤。虽然潜水衣和他在一起,他没有穿它。

一个在这一点上,据说凯文指挥两个皮划艇朋友, 留守在翻的第一只小船,以帮助在水中的另外桨手。他们通过让那个人就抱住皮艇后方,由皮艇牵引下,进行拖他的方式, 来完成上岛的剩余部分。


当两个皮艇和在拖其他队友上岛后,其中一人转身,划2英里回出发地,下午5:30 ,联系了贝菲尔德县通信中心通过911(救援) 。据介绍,水上和海岸线的搜索开始,并一船被派往沙群岛接回两个皮划艇手。




你穿热保护湿衣,你有它不算数, 穿了才算。即使水是温暖的,也是异常艰难的在水中穿上潜水衣。
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海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
馬 离线 谢谢转载分享,非常有借鉴意义。


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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北 ...
kurtyang04 离线 kurtyang04 国内划艇的人越来越多,希望通过交流,提高安全度,推迟发生的时间减少可能性。至少教育自己,我们的朋友。

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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
suzhengxia 离线 suzhengxia 学习了····很有用
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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北 ...
游民 离线 游民 题目很好,赞助一部片:


片名 :Swept Away 随波逐流
系列名:I Shouldn't Be Alive 逃出鬼门关
电视台:Discovery 发现频道
片长:约 43 分钟

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Re: 海上运动安全-第一杀手-水温-17个典型案例 北美洲
武武昊子 离线 武武昊子 要享受水带给我们的快乐,安全意识不能丝毫马虎,LZ有心,希望更多爱好水上运动的人,看到,并且记得,让事故远离我们。


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